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A heartbroken family were unable to give their dead son a fitting send-off because Apple refused to unlock the i Pad containing his funeral wishes.

Liam Wright, 18, who died of bone cancer in December, had noted his last wishes on the tablet because he couldn't bear to talk about it in person with his family.

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Ask any CIO and they'll likely tell you one of their greatest fears is a data breach, and rightfully so.

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Ms Lamb revealed how the much-loved teenager, described as a 'gentle giant', had stored hundreds of precious photos and videos on his i Pad.

After a spate of suicides last year, managers at the factories ordered new staff to sign pledges that they would not attempt to kill themselves, according to researchers.In addition, leveraging security intelligence and integrating security with operations and developer teams can help organizations push the boundaries of innovation.Cloud adoption is growing, but how are organizations taking advantage of it?Ms Lamb said Liam's mother Jane became upset, telling the technology giant that their actions were 'wrong'.'Mum spoke to them and said "You can't do this it's wrong. " she said.'She's not too bad at the moment but it gets her very upset when she sees other people's photos of Liam and she can't even access her own.' Liam died on December 7, surrounded by his mother Jane, sisters, Kerry, and Kirsty, and nieces and nephews, Sean, Tyler and Aisha.He had contracted a rare type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma after getting injured playing football.

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