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So far my 2014 FLHXS has rum flawlessly to this day.I also had the High Capacity oil pan installed December of 2015.

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Better to FOCUS ON WHAT THE CAR NEEDS right now - Brakes? IMO, with a 216 or early 235, I would just go with Fenton's and dual pipes built with flex pipe, shorty Cherry Bombs..sound on the cheap! Good Luck, Tim In response to 6-bangertim one of the best intakes (I have heard anyway, I would buy one myself if I didn't already buy two twin carb intakes) is the 4 barrel manifold from clifford, howards has cams, camcraft, patricks also have cams, Howards will grind you whatever you want on one. 2013 F150 Crew Cab In response to musicalboats that is a maybe on that part, I got about 00 into an inline, probably have 130 horsepower, but it sure sounds good. After repairs and installation it does run really well though. When I get time I would like to polish mine also, it would get rid of all the casting marks. I talked with Comp Cams tech dept last week and they ok'd installing solid lifters on this cam set at .008-.010" valve lash. This cam has a nice lopey idle and lots of low end power. It's amazing how many folks think it's a small block from the idle sound - that is until the exhaust barks during 2nd gear accelleration! I had these items installed March of 2015 inconjunction with a Stage IV Engine upgrade kit.The dealership strongly recommended the Cam Plate and Hi Volume oil pump to accompany the engine upgrade.Its got some great old school tricks both on the cheap and for high dollar track car racing.Hope that helps In response to Happy Belair Hey, Thanks for all your suggestions.

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