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I was just playing around and I’m always aggressive towards him.Whenever I contact him, he always writes back…he will just never ever agree to see me anymore.Each and every time I shut him down and tell him I’m done with his ass, he makes it so that I’m not mad at him anymore…why?If he doesn’t like me, why respond or ask me out on a date period?Notice I said “traits” – not “character flaws.” We’re talking about symptoms that come with having the disorder.

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So with all that said, I would say that he probably does like you, but he’s either a) afraid of how you’ll behave around him, b) scared of you in general, or c) under the impression that you are too out-of-control for him.We lost contact for a while but then I started calling him around December.He came to my house for New Years and got mad at me because I hit him upside the head.Men with AS often have some of the following traits, but they will vary in both number and level of severity from person to person: 1.A special interest (e.g., coin collecting) is common in males with AS, and this may be something they have pursued for years.

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