Easturn european dating

DVD X2801 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4886 This Generation Has No Future.

An examination of political and social events occurring in Eastern European nations from World War II to the present day which culminated in current political upheavals and restructuring of Eastern European governments and societies. Video/C 1955 Romanian oil fields (with gypsies) (1926, 12 min.) -- Ukraine in flames / Alexander Dovzhenko (1941-1943, 10 min.) -- Die Deutsche Wochenshau (German wartime newsreels) (1943, 16 min.) -- Tito's partisans, Yugoslavia (1944, 10 min.). Transforming Industrial Coreland analyzes Liverpool's once-thriving industrial economy, now fallen to a marginal present-day role and examines Randstad-Holland as an integral part of the current European core. Video/C 4313 (pts 3-4); Video/C 4314 (pts 5-6) Prog. Supranationalism and devolution: Strasbourg, Europe's new capital? Examines European state of affairs at the turn of the 20th century.The dawn of the twentieth century was forged in hope and optimism. Though ideological enemies, the Soviet Union and the United States are allies against Hitler during WWII. Impoverished after the war, Great Britain opts out as a world power. DVD X2806 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4891 Human Rights, Fundamental Freedom, Portrayal of postwar Europe. So fell Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, the rest of the Balkans, half of Germany and half of Vienna.Here interviewees from Europe, Asia and the United States (boasting an average age of 102), recount the part they played in the century's early history. At the end of the war, Europe is divided, and the one-time allies now confront each other knowing that the United States has the atomic bomb. The United States assumes the mantle of world leadership. The United States adopts the Truman doctrine, pledging to defend freedom worldwide. East Europe exchanged the tyranny of Hitler for the tyranny of Stalin. DVD 2807 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4892 How are the Mighty Fallen. DVD X2803 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4888 The Hope of Mankind. Analyzes conditions in Europe that made Hitler's and Mussolini's rise to power possible. Discusses the civil war and counterrevolution in Russia.

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