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It contains complete monitoring tools for Windows, Mac, i OS & Android. For monitoring or Spying on Smartphones, Read Cellphone tapping app for Android and i Phone.2) Hardware Keylogger – Windows & Mac Just like Software Keyloggers Hardware keyloggers also captures keyboard keystrokes but requires Physical access to victims Computer to install it.

A Hardware keylogger is a small hardware just like USB pen-drive with internal memory and Wifi access capability.

In the hope of recovering their hacked account, They even start contacting random users online who pretend to be professional Facebook hackers and end up paying them money in return for nothing.

It has become quite a big problem these days because of poor knowledge on and I had covered almost all the methods there.

Keylogging is the simplest and the most effective way of hacking Facebook passwords. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can install and use it with ease.

This method yields the best outcome when you have physical access to your victims PC.

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The disadvantage of this method is, it’s pretty difficult to trick people with fake login page because everyone is aware of it.Once you install this program on the target computer, it will automatically load from the start-up and start capturing every keystroke that the user types on his keyboard including Facebook password.A keylogger software runs in a complete stealth mode and thus remains undetected.Basically, Keylogger is used to capture the keyboard strokes entered by any person, for example, many offices use them to monitor their employees.So the fact that, it can capture keyboard strokes, it can also capture or record usernames and passwords entered by a person.

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