Does postdating a check work

Cause: There was a mismatch in the network address.The network address in the ticket that was being forwarded was different from the network address where the ticket was processed.The realms might not have the correct trust relationships set up.Solution: Make sure that the realms you are using have the correct trust relationships.Cause: The password that you specified for the principal does not contain enough password classes, as enforced by the principal's policy.Solution: Make sure that you specify a password with the minimum number of password classes that the policy requires.

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If necessary, modify the policy that is associated with the principal or change the principal's attributes to allow the request.Solution: Make sure that the server you are communicating with is in the same realm as the client, or that the realm configurations are correct.Cause: The message size that was being sent by a Kerberized application was too long.Solution: Choose a password that has not been chosen before, at least not within the number of passwords that are kept in the KDC database for each principal. Cause: Authentication with checksum was not negotiated with the client.The client might be using an old Kerberos V5 protocol that does not support initial connection support.

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