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It's just shocking what they're going to tell Cappie. The whole idea of saving your parents from themselves is an awesome idea. Thompson: The lovely thing about being an artist is that it crosses ages and generations. I love hanging out with young artists because they don't think of me as older.

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The series about sororities and fraternities on the fictional campus of Cyprus-Rhodes University starred Spencer Grammer, Scott Michael Foster, Jake Mc Dorman, and Jacob Zachar.

Look back at some of your favorite characters (Cappie, of course!

With major stunts on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” Showtime’s “Californication,” NBC’s “Parenthood,” ABC Family’s “Melissa and Joey,” ABC’s short-lived drama “Zero Hour” and nabbing the sought-after role of Kristoff on “Once Upon A Time’s” “Frozen” storyline this past season, Foster is now reunited with “Greek” creator Patrick Sean Smith, who cast him as a main male lead in ABC Family’s “Chasing Life,” which just entered its second season.

Those shows aren’t the only ones chasing the actor, who landed on Grammer won hearts over playing the adorable type-A sorority president Casey Cartwright on the ABC Family laffer, and she may just do it again this summer on a new sitcom. She starred as Spencer Grammer’s best friend on “Greek,” and now, the former on-screen sorority sisters still share the same family — this time, the NBC family.

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Robinson” as part of the network’s new Wednesday night comedy block.Prior to deciding in college that she wanted to be an actress, Spencer actually had a strong interest in zoology as a child.However, she went on to attend Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where she developed a taste for art history instead.Dale was truly one of a kind on the college comedy, thanks to Clark Duke’s fabulously awkward, geeky portrayal.premiered on July 9, 2007 and ran for four seasons until March 7, 2011.

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