Dating tips cell phones

Mastering the art of the perfect text can take some time, but with practice you’ll be on your way.

**Both men and women must avoid sending any texts that are longer than one-half inch in length (the length of the top of your thumb).** Don’ts: Both men and women should avoid playing “hard to get,” mostly because it won’t work if you’re interested in dating someone who is emotionally mature.

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When it comes to meeting and dating members of the opposite sex, however, some elements of tradition should be maintained.

If you are interested in her and if she is displaying these behaviors, which tend to come naturally when one person is attracted to another, you may ask her for her phone number. Do: Call her phone immediately Since practically everyone has a cell phone nowadays, the most obvious way to take down a phone number is to enter it straight into your phone.

Assuming this is the case, it is always a good idea to call her phone so that she has your number as well.

Communication has become very tough over the years.

Today you can text, email, use a cell phone or skype, use google voice, facebook, twitter AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Don’t you wish you had someone to break it all down for you and explain to you what to do to communicate effectively with women?

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