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If you believed everything you read, you'd probably think the state of marriage in America is pretty grim.

High-powered athletes and politicos have affairs left and right, divorce is rampant and young people are delaying marriage in order to put their careers first.

"I never have to tell him to pick up his socks, watch history or sci-fi TV shows on a continuous loop or listen to his weird folk music." Photo: Shutterstock "We live in two different houses in the same neighborhood." When 39-year-old therapist Lisa Haisha got engaged to her now-husband, they began looking for a house together.

"We found one that we loved, bought it and I began moving my stuff in," she says.

Iris believes most women would benefit from following their own passions, even if those interests take them away from their husbands for short periods of time.

"It drives me crazy when someone says, 'Oh, I'd love to go to the Greek Islands, but my husband doesn't want to.' I always say, 'Go!

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"Traditional marriage doesn't work for us," she says."Moving in with someone would be a hard adjustment for me." The two commute to see each other on weekends, like they did when they were courting.Although she misses him during the week, Gabby sees a silver lining: "I secretly love living apart," she says."I had been looking for a place to hold my workshops, so we decided that this house would be perfect—it could be both my home and office." Her Hollywood producer husband moved into his own house four blocks away and the two see each other nearly every night and on weekends, and spend the night together about once a week."We hang out at my house or his house and we value quality time," she says.

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