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If your friends think you are spending too much time together, just tell them about deployment. The guy should pay This is no longer true in most cases but it is especially tough in the military community.At lower ranks, military service members often earn less than a civilian.They can’t even leave deployment for the birth of their child!When they do get leave, they might have to choose between visiting their family or you.The service member can’t take vacation days for your birthday.They can’t leave school early for a family vacation.Yes, military orders and leave dates do change at the last minute. Yes, during deployment, a service member cannot use their phone and may have wait in line to use the computer for 10 minutes. If they are serious, they will introduce you to the family Maybe, if they are stationed near their family, or if there is a convenient time for you both to visit.If you see them sign on to an account but they don’t reply to your message, don’t take it personally. I know married military couples who have never met their in-laws!

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At work, her American male colleagues were eager to find out if she had any single, German friends that they could meet.They could be in formation, in the field, or waiting in line to use the phone. ) During boot camp and deployments, I wrote letters almost every day. Time spent waiting for someone else to talk first is time wasted. Take turns visiting each other Some long distance couples alternate visits to balance time off work and the cost of plane tickets.Military couples don’t have that option because the military is not a flexible employer.Single service members are assigned a barracks room and aren’t paid enough to rent an apartment.Significant others can’t live in base housing until they have a marriage license.

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