Dating on a dime joel

There’s a lot of noise out there, a lot of people who write about stuff that matters, but never actually do anything.

I don’t want to hear any more noise and I’m not interested in huge numbers.

$$$ It’s a good strategy and works great but the problem is you have to have massive traffic in order for it to be worth while [Lifehacker, Gawker, Cult of Mac, etc], or you have to be a super tiny niche site that you can get search engine traffic for [super speed dating for penguin lovers living in Albuquerque].

Neither option appeals to me with what I’m doing here at BIT.

I will never make a dime from this blog and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately around my future plans for the blog and how I’m planning to “monetize BIT”.

I’m not “location independent”, I’m not living in Asia and I’m not Tim Ferriss [Surprisingly, I actually get asked all three of those questions a lot. There are a variety of reasons why not, but the main reason is I think most blog monetization strategies are sort of boring.

There are usually two types of blog monetization strategies.

Shooting for quality is almost always more fun than sheer quantity. It only takes a second, but it makes a huge difference. I make money because of BIT, that I never would have made if I didn’t blog, but that’s not why I’m constantly after the impossible. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if one of the “Rick and Morty” characters placed a call to Joel Osteen’s prayer line, wonder no longer.After all, that’s what most bloggers do when their blog reaches a certain size, right?Well maybe, but I’m not most bloggers and BIT isn’t like most blogs.

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