Dating japan collectibles

Some years ago I found this info on dating Lefton china and figurines on the internet… It’s not an all inclusive guide, but is certainly a good starting point.

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I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but would wager it’s pretty close.

You might find the most recent identification and price guides helpful as well.

Enraged at this deliberate copyright infringement, Fender threatened a lawsuit against many of these companies in the early 1980’s, forcing them to “cease and desist” production.

Many ceased (like El Maya, Heerby, and Joo Dee), but many desisted and kept making these sameguitars with minor changes to the logos and headstock designs. well, er, uh…So, Fender (under the direction of Dan Smith at the Fullerton Plant) started to really get things going prior to 1982 so thatthey could release their “vintage” line of reissue guitars, which are still being made today.

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