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In general, tubes appear to have had the shortest stock life and speakers the longest.

Even the above is fraught with some risk, as replacement parts used for repair or modification will occasionally skew the overall picture.

You will likely be approached by various square workers if your entrance ticket isn't visible.

If you plan repeated visits and will be in Nepal for some time, get the ticket booth attendant to endorse your entrance ticket for a longer period.

Oh, and I hated it that one time you danced in the fake rain.

Patan is a one of the largest cities in Nepal and is located just across the Bagmati river from Kathmandu.

Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables.

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What follows is a breakdown of the more common parts and a description of their codes.One thing to remember in this chronological quest is these instruments were built to be played, not (in most cases) to become museum pieces.Don't get too hung up on searching for temporal coordinates to the exclusion of the unit's real purpose as a musical instrument.This information is being compiled, organized and edited into a soon to be released book that details all sorts of production and manufacturing information, including tables showing serial numbers and their date of production.Some of the entries on the age list show actual known production dates and can be used as markers to guage the quality of other entries around them.

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