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Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this too, and if you’ve dealt with any of the MGTOW stuff or just felt alone.I realized that us guys don’t often have a chance to hear from others who’ve been hurt or f’d over, so I hope my story helps you out.

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So he’s pretty psyched about that, and to reach more guys, Christian put together a presentation that explains the Obsession Story in detail, and includes a whole bunch of tips about women and relationships.As you can probably guess, none of this set me up for much success with my relationships.I played it off for a long time, and told my friends I had “a piece on the side,” but I’ll be honest, it really sucked.It didn’t help that I’d been on some MGTOW forums (well, it FELT like it did at the time, but I realized it was just a breeding ground for resentful losers who were holding each other back).But I don’t know if I would have met my current girlfriend if it hadn’t been for Christian and his “obsession story”.

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