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Please don't think I am some sort of weirdo or sexual deviant - its just I would love to be with someone special as they are going through something phenomenal as bringing another life into the world and perhaps becoming part of both their lives.Now, I live in Belfast - which is traditionally very conservative, so I just wanted to check - am I wrong? I'm pregnant and single and although I miss being in a relationship I don't think I could commit to one whilst pregnant.The main thing I would want to avoid is being seen to be taking advantage of a situation, or more specifically a woman at a time when she may be vulnerable.

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You can experience everything first hand and it will be even more special to you as he/she will be yours.

It's been great being single, but I have recently been Missing the feeling of being in a relationship.

I have also (for about 3 years) been dealing with the urge to be a father.

if it was me you would be fighting me off and telling me to leave you alone for the evening lol as for being 27 and having 2 kids!!

well that really doesnt mean you are any less of a catch than any other woman!!

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