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How can ICF-Long Island help you advance your coaching practice?We encourage you to bring along a photo of something you value to share with the group – this is also a fun way for us to build relationships with each other.Today, Amy shares her 5 top tips for creating more depth and connection on dates:1.Honest Over Agree-able It can be tough navigating how to be honest on a date while also wanting to make a good impression.The founding coaches developed ICF-Long Island, Inc. coaches are dedicated to partnering with individuals, groups and business that want to make effective changes. members are coaching professionals who offer a range of coaching specializations including: ICF-Long Island, Inc.Executive Committee: Marc Miller- President Maribeth T.The early bird fee for non-activity paid Affiliate Members is in advance and after that. In 1997, ICF-Long Island, Inc., The Long Island Coaching Alliance was founded as a chapter of the International Coach Federation by a group of executive, business, and personal coaches.It was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2001.

Don’t claim to like things that you don’t or fake interest in things just to satisfy what you think your date wants.

Amy had A LOT of interesting things to say in that interview about dating in today's "age of loneliness," and the lack of true human connection in general (among other things, read the interview).

I felt there was so much more goodness to extract from Amy's spectacular brain, so here we are again!

I mean, we all have at least a part of us that wants to be liked, right?

Do we choose to be agree-able for the sake of things going easily or to increase our like-ability?

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