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The pitcher's Instagram features photos of clean suits, casual button-ups and of course, his best accessory.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels doesn't appear to have an Instagram account, but he has proved he can pull off a sharp-looking outfit.

Based on Instagram accounts of , but the piece was more about baseball than fashion.

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Fashion in the MLB doesn't take center stage the same way it does in the NBA, but that doesn't mean there aren't sharp-dressed players out there.

Offered here is a remarkable collection of thirty-six vintage baseball stereographs, the volume and scope of which distinguishes this collection as by far both the largest and highest quality assemblage we have ever seen.

The vast majority of these photos date from before 1900, though included are a few dating from after the turn of the century.

With advances in photography manufacturing in the early 1860s, stereograph cards catapulted in popularity, providing a new and exciting form of entertainment in an era which predated movies and television, and when travel was far more difficult than in modern times.

People could now enjoy the sights of the world in three dimensions in the comfort of their living rooms.

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