Dating as a quadriplegic

As you can see, it's a harsh judgement and the odds of meeting someone who will become important are pure chance and very slim. They will have trouble in seeing how you are going to fit in their life. On a serious note - I do believe there is someone out there for everybody.They will have trouble seeing the man behind the disability and as horrible as this seems, the potential of a relationship with a different profile owner who doesn't have your challenges, seems simpler. Where you are concerned, it's going to be a tough sell, I'm afraid. Try to be realistic when considering the likelihood of meeting someone compatible, but don't rule anything out. Some of us are deemed too blonde, too fat, too skinny etc Which means that none of us will appeal to everyone. May I suggest that you have a few pictures on here of you and your lunatic mates in action.All judgement made based on what we each are looking for.Perhaps then, we send a message to the handful of people left, and perhaps, they don't see mutual attraction in us or don't want something they see in our profiles.

I'd say your chances in person are significantly higher, where you can actually demonstrate that you ARE able to live a normal life, rather than trying to convince people in writing.However, you have as much chance as anyone else in finding that chance person and to me, the only element you can control is your willingness to keep trying. JMOEDIT for below: - I've seen a couple of matches - those guys are brutal. There may be someone in a similar situation who will find you significantly interesting, and be willing to attempt a relationship. Perhaps even one of you vacuuming a floor or washing dishes - there have been studies showing that these activities are the best aphrodisiacs known to womankind.Honestly healthy normal guys struggle greatly on here. You dont have lots of options dating so just hang in there. Perhaps a photo of you driving your car - or getting in or out. Shows that you are able to do these physical things and are not dependent on others.Getting injured can place tremendous strains on an existing relationship, but post-injury it is not at all unusual to have an active dating life.If by 'date' you are asking about having sex, the answer is more complex but mostly still yes...

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