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But he felt that he had to make the Theosophical Society a big solid fact in the world — especially in India, to which country he was drawn by sympathies which much later knowledge enables some of us to understand.In former lives — though in 1879 we none of us knew anything about former lives — he had been closely connected with India, and at important periods of its history had played important parts.While the Theosophical movement was still in the experimental stage theteachings, given as an experiment, were not systematically designed. The first resolution passed declared: "That in the opinion of the English Fellows of the Theosophical Society of New York present at this meeting, it is desirable to form a Society in England in connection and sympathy with that body". The next, after the inaugural meeting was held on the Ist of October, and then another month elapsed before there was a third. As we can see now the formation of the Societies in New York and London, regarded from a higher point of view, merely provided a framework to be animated later on.It was enough to indicate some broad truths — the existence of the Masters, the growth of the Ego under the law of Reincarnation, itself subject to Karma, and the stupendous magnitude of a planetary scheme to which we of this Earth belong. Resignations of early members soon began to appear on the minutes. Billing, a well-known spiritualist medium of the period goes into trance at one meeting, and gives information — not more definitely recorded.The progress of science had encouraged the belief that all consciousness was the result of natural laws working through organized matter, satirised at the time in some verses dictated by a more spiritual faith: "I believe in corn and rice; not in virtue or in vice".But playful criticisms of that order had very little effect.

"Early in the last century the drift of cultivated opinion in the western world had been definitely in the direction of pure materialism.

The Masters saw the danger of the predominant tendency, and it was decided that an attempt should be made to ascertain whether the world was ripe for a partial revelation of the natural laws governing human evolution. Massey was then, by ballot, elected President of the new Branch Society and Miss Kislingbury was chosen as its Secretary.

This attempt took the shape of the Theosophical movement. The meetings of the new Society were not held frequently. A suggestion is made that books should be selected and discussed, also that mesmeric experiments should be tried, but this idea does not seem to have been followed up.

This explanation will show how it came to pass that Brotherhood, in later years, was regarded as the foremost idea animating the Society, — the recognition of universal brotherhood the one condition of membership.

Adopted in India to attract natives of that country apt to be sore about the prestige of the European residents, it assumed a new meaning when transplanted to Europe.

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