Consolidating multiple companies in quickbooks dating during divorce california

How can one consolidate a number of Quick Books files (companies, .qbw) into one company.Jennifer replies: Unfortunately Intuit, the maker of Quick Books, does not have a way to merge or consolidate files.HTH Regards Mike As far as I know there is no third-party solution to your problem.I have been working with QB for a little while and with some folks who have a lot of experience. mlmcc Michael, I also doubt that there is an off-the-shelf solution.There are other issues here such as access to the data files which I haven't considered.Regards Mike I haven't used the QODBC method and I have heard it is very slow and probably too slow for this project.

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My expertise lies with MYOB, and this is how I would address this task of yours.

These companies almost all use Quickbooks (different versions QB, QBPro, QB Enterprise) for their financial reporting.

At the end of the month a controller from each portfolio company sends an excel spreedsheet generated by QB which contains their financial statements information to the CFO of the main company.

Overall I am lookingfor a best practice enterprise software solution that will allow the combined consolidation reporting of various company and that works with their existing Quickbooks or Excel files and run under Microsoft Windows terminal server platfrom for multiple connections to the program.

If one does not exist with this built-in or turnkey functionality then what are some of the tools that can be used to develop it (e.g. I appreciate your suggestions and feedback in advance.

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