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As an administrator at your organization you are responsible for configuring the new Windows 7 computers to support various corporate requirements.You have been asked to: Configure network locations Turn Windows Firewall on or off and customize network location settings Add, change, or remove allowed programs Set up or modify multiple active profile settings Configure Windows Firewall notifications The Properties page is used to configure firewall properties for domain, private, and public network profiles, and to configure IPsec settings.They don't have any answer or solution, though this appears to be a top issue, and no local repair.So, you have to bounce your machine back and forth across the country and get it back without the problem solved.

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It looks like an operation that is working out of their GARAGE!!

The only option is for them to "Shotgun" the problem by replacing the keyboard, presumably with the same bad ones because people are screaming that they get their machines back and 2 weeks later the problem is back again!

The majority of PCs they make will have some keyboard issue within the first 6 months of use, THE MAJORITY!

Local Group Policy Settings for Bit Locker Drive Encryption Group Policy provides the following settings for Bit Locker: Settings for Removable Data Drives Settings for Fixed Data Drives Settings for Operating System Drives In Windows 7, what happens when a user performs a task requiring administrative privileges?

Standard Users UAC prompts the user for the credentials of a user with administrative privileges Administrative Users UAC prompts the user for permission to complete the task Your company is implementing Windows 7 computers for all corporate users.

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