Children and dating advice

"Very carefully," says therapist Wendy Aronsson, author of Refeathering the Empty Nest.

"If your adult child asks your opinion about a romantic interest, think through your answer, and be careful with black-and-white responses." She suggests taking a Socratic approach and responding to their questions with a few of your own. " Parents need to decipher the often not-so-obvious reasoning behind the questions.

Is the child asking for approval or having second thoughts about the relationship?

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"You should have a conversation about how you are to navigate the situation, and what your role means to [your partner]," he says.It just means there'll be obstacles and roadblocks in addition to the normal stress of dating. If you have a check list of attributes you seek in a potential partner and one of them is that they be child-free, you’re denying yourself access to a pool of wonderful men for no good reason. " Christina Weber's mom would often nudge her millennial daughter about dating.Weber, 35, was trying but grew tired of the dating apps she was using: "Fifty percent of the people lie and, 30 percent never leave their computer or phone to meet anyone in person," she says.

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