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References to the video have since appeared everywhere from "Glee" to "South Park" and the clip was named magazine's number one video of 2007.Crocker soaked up the attention and spun it to his advantage.When other queer people say, "If you were really transsexual..." -- because I lived as a girl for three years and people ask, "Was that all an act? I would go through all that trouble for three years -- using women's bathrooms, problems in airports? And a lot of transsexual people have gotten really mad at me and said, "You're really misrepresenting us as a community because you're not sticking with the 'girl look.'" I'm representing myself." That's the biggest thing that I get disgusted by. I never claimed to be the spokesperson for anything other than myself.I feel really comfortable with both the feminine and masculine sides of myself.Actually, the owner of the club I've been going to for years here [in Tennessee] recently asked me, "So which do you feel more comfortable as?In the last five years Crocker has continued to cultivate his cult status with new videos and the release of Britney-esque pop tracks of his own.He appeared on "Maury" and starred in Weezer's music video for the song "Pork and Beans" and pitched Sierra Mist soda. Fans continue to support him and haters continue to hate.

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Chris Crocker: People usually ask me something really simple-minded like "So you're a man now?I just so happen to be gay or trans or gay and trans or whatever. I'm just content with myself and I think that makes people discontented.I thought the whole point of being transgender was being what you feel on the inside.But I think it's sad that people consider it radical. Were you influenced by any books or theorists or anyone or anything from the media? I know how it affects me when I get yelled at in public, but as far as my choices for myself -- I never take other people's opinions into consideration.I think it's sad that people can't wrap their heads around it. What was the process like for you to begin presenting as more masculine? I was wearing less makeup and pushing my hair back and putting it in a pony tail instead of curling it or wearing it long.

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