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And Orion certainly wasn’t prepared for his baby sister to bump his birthday party to later in the week.

Even the family pediatrician was stunned by the timing.

You can test it yourself and see the consistency of the sequence birthday, same day of the week. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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From past experience, I knew that Friday was the day he liked to have these discussions. There is a moderately low probability for each of us to have sons with the same birth date.

Meeting on their birthday, decreases the coincidence probability.

The precocious 2-year-old knows his colors and can count to 10, but when asked if he’d share his birthday party with his sister, he said “no.” It looks like sibling rivalry may be something else these two share. The likelihood of our meeting on their birthday was about 1/365. I write and email about coincidences but rarely meet with the primary purpose of talking about them. The business problem had been going on for four months. Earlier in the week I threatened my adversary for a third time.Lately, I have avoided discussing the idea unless someone else does. After avoiding any negotiation, he finally agreed to discuss a settlement figure with me.It will take 5 years, 6 years or 11 years which will bring you to your original day of birthday and the sequence never change.Sequence (11 6 5 6 11 6 5 6 11) all depends on which years sequence(5 6 11 6 5 6 11 6 5)or(6 5 6 11 6 5 6 11 6) you start your sequence, but it never change.

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