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The rest of you will be just fine using an American-style (regular ol’) car seat — unless you want a specific safety feature(s) (more on that below).Yes, it’s true: we are a bit behind our European counterparts when it comes to car seat safety standards, but that doesn’t mean American seats are necessarily inferior.The colors are dark and mysterious (so Dutch of them! Nuna Pipa Lite ~ 9 The Pipa Lite is their newest seat that weighs only 5.3 lbs stripped down (with no canopy or anything, nice try). Yes, it is the lightest weight car seat on the market — by far — so if having a lightweight seat is of the utmost importance to you — and you don’t want to take it on an airplane or in taxis, Ubers and such (can’t install it without a base, remember? Note also there is no dream drape on the Pipa Lite.*The Nuna Pipa has a European-style belt path, so it’s very easy and stable with baseless installations.The ultra-cheap models that adjust in the rear are a HUGE pain to tighten!Please note that there are still a zillion different Graco Snug Ride models (just kidding, there are only 13) — I picked the “Snug Ride 30” (above) because…In fact, the vast majority of Americans use American seats and it’s just fine – so $ — Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 30 ~ – Economy Pick; the Graco Snug Ride Snug Lock Elite ~ 9 – Also a fantastic value, pls read narrative $$ — Britax B-Safe 35 ~ 9 – Good safety features for the price (steel reinforced), but must use Britax/BOB stroller $$ — Chicco Key Fit 30 ~ 9 – Great mainstream value, compatible with most strollers $$ — Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 ~ 9 – An “economy” Euro seat, but not our fave $$$ — Chicco Fit2 ~ 9 – Specialty seat; best for urban dwellers who don’t own a car (benefit: can use with a stroller for up to 2 years vs. Check out our recommended car seats for twins & preemies list. Ideally, you should select an infant seat that’s compatible with your stroller of choice.1 year for most other infant seats) $$$ — UPPAbaby Mesa ~ 9 – Top notch “American” luxury seat, pairs with UPPAbaby strollers, which are fab; also very easy to install and can go in center seat $$$ — Nuna Pipa ~ 9 – Lightweight luxury seat, great safety features, pairs with Nuna strollers; uses rigid LATCH connectors, so best for installing in a window seat $$$ — Cybex Aton Q ~ 9 – Super stylish (German, modern) and safety-features galore; also great for taxis or Uber $$$$ — UPPAbaby Mesa Henry (Blue Wool Marl) ~ 9 – “The seat I would buy if money were no object”- this wool version of the Mesa that has NO fire retardants added. It will save you for a special “car seat adapter” alone.

For a higher-level intro to car seats for first-time parents, please start with the intro. Thus, you don’t have to go crazy spending money on an infant car seat (unless you really want to). You’ll only use it for 9-12 months or so, so we recommend saving your money for a nicer stroller, for example, or a nicer crib that you’ll get more miles out of. You see, rear-facing seats inherently cradle the neck and head, which are fully supported in the direction of impact.Hence, you’ll have to use the seat belt if you want to install it in the middle seat (don’t say I didn’t warn ya’).Like the Cybex Aton’s load leg, the Pipa has an anti-rebound stability leg, which serves the same purpose. Warning — this seat MUST be installed with a base; you cannot install it without a base.Yes, this is tricky because it’s a chicken and egg problem (the seat you choose kinda depends on your stroller; the stroller you get kinda depends on your seat).I recommend you read the Stroller Intro to get a basic idea of what to look for.

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