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This is really one of the crazy things about Latinas.

As a foreign man traveling across Latin America you will constantly meet ladies that tell you that, and so on for every country on south of the mighty Rio Grande. They want a strong man who will protect them from a hostile world, but they don’t want to be abused.

She’s just 20 years old and states her job as being a promoter.

Young ladies in Havana, Cuba, are looking for long term relationships with foreign men.

But when she invites him to join her, Jim's overeager genitals don't exactly help matters.

And, in truth, Jim doesn't actually end up with Nadia, but learns an abject lesson in geek-love: punch your weight.

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Just so you know.[Page-break]Back To The Future (1985)The Girl : Lorraine Baines (Lea Thompson)The Geek: George Mc Fly (Crispin Glover)The Technique: This one is pretty much reliant on destiny - or your child arriving from the future in a converted De Lorean time machine. But while Marty's interference does have a big impact on George Mc Fly's interaction with Lorraine, it's him overcoming his confidence issues and standing up to bully Biff (Thomas F Wilson).

And secondly, he's sweet-natured enough to wait for her to see that he's a hero without the mask.

This one is probably a little difficult to pull off in real life.

And when a drunken Seth does get to express himself to Jules, he ends up accidentally head-butting her. But let us make it clear - giving a girl a black eye will not make her love you.

It will result in damaged testicles.[Page-break]American Pie (1999)The Girl: Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth)The Geek: Jim (Jason Biggs)The Technique: Jim stumbles into this one - at first planning to exploit Nadia's oversexed nature by watching her strip on web cam, he discovers that she's actually into the idea.

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