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(Click the down arrow in the post’s top right corner / Change date / Add hour / Add minute) TIP #4: Double check your dates and times.If you want to post about a news story from the past, make sure you aren’t backdating it to before the story actually hit the news. When you have finished writing your Facebook post, you can see post button with more options. You can see three options for a Facebook post : You can either schedule a Facebook post or (Backdate Post) publish Facebook posts in back date or save a Facebook posts as draft. Click on the Schedule Post option to schedule a Facebook post. Set time and date to publish the Facebook post, schedule the Facebook post as per your desire.

Is there an event or function module for backdate posting.

Well, the other day I was going through my photo albums in an attempt to create space on my hard drive. Did you have a significant business milestone happen before you joined Facebook?

I found some photos of my son when he was a baby, before I’d joined Facebook. You can share it on your page, and it will show up at the appropriate spot on your timeline.

his week, I have a couple of Facebook how-tos for you.

Today, I’m going to show you how to schedule or back-date posts on your Facebook Fan (or business) page, and Thursday, I’ll show you how to install apps on your Facebook Page. Why would you want to back-date or schedule a status update?

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