Backdating posts

There’s much more that comes with reviving your fan page, but this is at least a good start.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Another option is that you could schedule your posts to go out at different times of the day during the week, and then check with your insights at the end of the week to see what time of day received the most likes and comments.

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You can manually compare every post on your site with the date it was originally posted, assuming you have access to that information.

When you have finished writing your Facebook post, you can see post button with more options.

You can see three options for a Facebook post : You can either schedule a Facebook post or (Backdate Post) publish Facebook posts in back date or save a Facebook posts as draft. Click on the Schedule Post option to schedule a Facebook post. Set time and date to publish the Facebook post, schedule the Facebook post as per your desire.

(Click the down arrow in the post’s top right corner / Change date / Add hour / Add minute) TIP #4: Double check your dates and times.

If you want to post about a news story from the past, make sure you aren’t backdating it to before the story actually hit the news.

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