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It engenders a kinship, a closeness that is far deeper than simpatico musical tastes or ambitions. ‘That’s what it is, and it’s been that since before we were a band. ‘I woke at five this morning, and I just could not get back to sleep,’ he says. It can’t be jet lag as the band flew into London from LA six days ago. ’ In fact Arctic Monkeys are probably closer than they have ever been.The way Turner says it – thoughtfully, quietly – it comes over as entirely reasonable.Those designer sunglasses (Oliver Peoples) might suggest affectation, but he is mostly as unassuming as he was when I first met him eight years ago. And I’m a lot happier as a result with the outcome.‘I think we regretted that a bit after.’ There is, accordingly, a lot to live up to at Glastonbury 2013.Plus, they are opening a weekend where the other headliners are the Rolling Stones (playing the event for the first time) and Mumford & Sons (the folk-influenced outfit who are the biggest British band worldwide right now).‘I have come up with quite a lot of tunes at that time, and got ideas in that state,’ he adds.

That attitude was of a piece with the refusenik nature of the young Monkeys (no television shows, avoid award ceremonies, as few interviews as they could get away with).‘I suppose we have something to prove,’ Turner says.‘But we’re in such a different place now in a way, aren’t we?Bored and disillusioned with his current lot in life and school, 25 year old Alex Turner takes a chance on a stranger in a club.Caught in a maelstrom of money, sex, drugs, and violence, life as he knows it spins dangerously out of control.

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