Arctic monkeys jamie cook dating

It was, by popular consent, something of a disaster.

The rain was horizontal, the PA was under-powered, and the band were underprepared.

Bored and disillusioned with his current lot in life and school, 25 year old Alex Turner takes a chance on a stranger in a club.

Caught in a maelstrom of money, sex, drugs, and violence, life as he knows it spins dangerously out of control.

‘We didn’t really put any effort into the show side of things,’ O’Malley, 28, will later admit.

That attitude was of a piece with the refusenik nature of the young Monkeys (no television shows, avoid award ceremonies, as few interviews as they could get away with).

’ In fact Arctic Monkeys are probably closer than they have ever been.

Arctic Monkeys’ new album, AM, is the product of almost a year’s work in a rented studio located a quick mile from their homes in the Hollywood Hills.

Turner (vocals and guitar), Cook, Nick O’Malley (bass) and Matt Helders (drums) began making it shortly after their rollicking performance at the Olympics opening ceremony, the public debut of the Hamburg-era-Beatles quiff and vintage rock ’n’ roll-style clobber that Turner sports today.

Having formed at school, the teenage band were performing at the Grapes, a pub in the centre of Sheffield, though their frontman and chief songwriter was not even old enough to drink in it. Arctic Monkeys are unique among major British bands of the past 20 years in that they have hung out together nearly all their lives – unlike Oasis (warring brothers, a revolving door), Radiohead (met at secondary school), Mumford & Sons (formed in their late teens and early twenties), Blur (coalesced out of art-college circles) or Coldplay (university pals). It is the first time they have all lived in the same place since they burst out of Sheffield in late 2005, when they entered the charts at number one with I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.

So what, I ask Alex Turner, were his aspirations that night? They grew up together in High Green, a northern suburb of Sheffield. It was their first proper single, and the out-of-nowhere feat was ascribed to their fans sharing songs over the internet, a then unknown phenomenon.

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