Ames brown dating

“Perhaps coming back to your real life and being apart from cameras and the extreme romance, maybe something on the outside changed his mind.Or maybe he just realized ‘Whoa, I need to put the brakes on this,’ or maybe he just didn’t feel like he was ready for a relationship,” she guesses.On Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad,” Ames Brown melted our frozen hearts when, rather than continue in the quest for 0K without his new paramour Jackie Gordon, he waved goodbye to the cast and hopped in the limo to head home alongside her.“I think Jackie and I are falling in love,” he said in voiceovers as they cuddled in the limo.In separate phone interviews with EW today, they confirmed their relationship has already ended.On the episode that aired last night, Ames romantically chased after Jackie’s limo after she was evicted, taking himself out of the competition, worth 0,000, to be with her.I imagine by now, somebody would have mentioned something.

“As for what happened later, it ended a little suddenly,” she says. I feel like the rug was kinda pulled out from underneath me.

“We hit it off, and seldom are you so explicitly faced with a choice between the possibility of love and the possibility of money,” he says of watching her limo drive away.

“There was no doubt in my mind that I had to choose the former.” Jackie, who still considers that gesture “one of the best surprises of my life,” says she asks herself every day what changed.

Somebody said, ‘Come on Bachelor Pad,’ and I just said ‘yes’ because I think you just have to say ‘yes.’ So if producers said, ‘Come on The Bachelor? I still think it’s pretty unlikely that Ames will be the next “Bachelor.” While he is super sweet, I can’t imagine hours worth of interviews with him—things could get far too twee.

Not to mention that, while he’s hot, he always looks confused and perpetually hold his mouth open like a Sheepfish, which just isn’t the most attractive.

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