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Child stars are sometimes subjected to sexual abuse and are exploited by Hollywood and other evil people. Amanda Bynes, as normal as she originally seemed, fits the stereotype.

Child stars are so used to the attention given when they are adorable that the minute they hit puberty, Hollywood essentially ostracizes them, making them feel five times uglier and more awkward than the normal pre-teen. She started acting at a really young age and then hit a plateau.

A half hour after that, she emerged, bought some clothes, forgot she had the store’s bikini on and had to pay for that, too. Her management team drops her The former actress, at this point, is decidedly a lost cause, and is abandoned by her agent, publicist, and entertainment lawyer. The old Amanda is dead and gone and replaced by a heavily painted woman who clearly got some pro-tips from Snooki. Amanda starts walking around New York dressed in sweatpants and a blanket covering her head I’m obviously not a celebrity, but I’m pretty positive there are other ways to step out into the world without drawing attention. This is really sad because the girl does not realize these people are taunting her and encouraging her maddening behavior. Amanda takes topless pictures of herself To top off the strange photos of her in blue lipstick and disheveled blonde wig, Amanda posted a few topless pictures where she is only wearing ripped tights and posing in her desolate bathroom. She got arrested for reckless endangerment and was put in a mental hospital; although a lot of people were relieved, this was a short-lived intervention. Angry Amanda Bashes Rihanna and a few others I’m not sure what Amanda does with her day when she’s not threatening to sue magazines or calling celebrities ugly, and I don’t want to know.

But all is seemingly hunky dory to Amanda, because she made a statement saying, “I am doing amazing… And that is not either a) covering your head with a blanket, which I hope you can at least see through, or b) wearing sweatpants, socks and sandals in public. Her racy photo captions say things like: “About to put on Makeup! No one could prove Bynes actually threw anything out the window, bong or not, nor do they have any evidence of her being on drugs. A week ago though, Amanda went over the top and said some terrible, unwarranted things about Rihanna.

We’ve been watching Amanda Bynes self-destruct like a car crash happening in slow motion, over and over again. Did Amanda crumble under the pressures of Hollywood? Mara Wilson (most famously known for her role as Matilda in recently wrote this amazing and poignant explanation as to why child stars can end up going insane.

She states that “not many child starts make it out of Hollywood alive or sane, and at any given time there are at least three former ones having very public breakdowns.” She goes on to explain that in so many instances, parents either have complete control of children who have no desire to act, or no control at all. Some have made it out alive and even succeed after a few rough patches (Drew Barrymore) but a lot turned to drugs, became social recluses and lashed out in crazy ways.

In 2001, she co-starred with Frankie Muniz in Big Fat Liar (2002) as Kaylee, Jason's friend who helps him prove that he really did write the essay "Big Fat Liar" and regain his father's trust.

It was also in 2001 that she began dating Taran Killam from "The Amanda Show" (1999) and Big Fat Liar (2002), who is four years and two days older than she is.

The youngest of three children, she became interested in acting and performing from the age of three, when she would say her older sister Jillian's lines with her while she performed in plays.

Amanda identifies slightly as Jewish, but says she is more spiritual than she actually is religious in any way.

Amanda Bynes, the child star least likely to succumb to a dark, downward spiral, has been slowly disintegrating, much to our dismay, horror and (unfortunately) morbid curiosity. Is this all a publicity stunt craftily designed in order to revitalize her career?

In approximately one year, Bynes managed to go from beloved former child/teen actress to fizzled out mess.

Let’s start from the beginning phases of crazy and go from there. Amanda gets her first DUI Some time in April of 2012, Amanda sideswiped a car and got charged with a DUI.

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