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We’ve been watching Amanda Bynes self-destruct like a car crash happening in slow motion, over and over again. Did Amanda crumble under the pressures of Hollywood? Mara Wilson (most famously known for her role as Matilda in recently wrote this amazing and poignant explanation as to why child stars can end up going insane.

She states that “not many child starts make it out of Hollywood alive or sane, and at any given time there are at least three former ones having very public breakdowns.” She goes on to explain that in so many instances, parents either have complete control of children who have no desire to act, or no control at all. Some have made it out alive and even succeed after a few rough patches (Drew Barrymore) but a lot turned to drugs, became social recluses and lashed out in crazy ways.

They are treated as products and once the product becomes outdated, then they are discarded and traded in a for a newer model, like an i Phone. She probably lost a lot of attention, so she started rebelling in her own way and maybe experiencing things she couldn’t before.

She has also had two cosmetic surgeries on her breasts.The first of many super uncharacteristic maneuvers, Amanda shocked her fan base and even her co-workers.A source stated, “This DUI was definitely just a serious lapse in judgement.Despite her busy schedule, she managed to graduate from Thousand Oaks High School in 2004.To graduate on-time, she utilized an independent study program. As a child, they taught her both religions and gave her the option of choosing one day.

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