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Fill in your application form and we will contact you for your automated telephone training session.

We aim to start all new operators within 1-2 business days.

I've been waiting a couple days I sent them a message yesturday they said they were going to send the confirmation e-mail soon? I'm just wondering I hope they contact me soon I need the income.

I want to replace my income I work in a job that doesn't pay well. Youcan work as many hours as you are able, as long as you stick to your committed schedule and you are working a minimum of 15 hours a week.

Quick sign up process Full telephone training 24 Hour Support Revenue payment every 2 weeks Very busy services, calls every few minutes UK & USA Operators can receive calls on a mobile International Operators welcome Great Rates of pay Very Flexible – log on / off when you want to 100% confidential – callers do not know your number No Upfront Fees Great earning potential No trolling required Adult Chat Line Jobs and Tarot, Psychic Jobs Available The Sign Up process is quick and easy.

If you love talking on the phone or using your spiritual abilities to read for people, why not join our team today and start earning money from home?

You can receive calls on your mobile or landline and we also accept international applicants.

Also is there other companies you have web addresses for. They prefer hi-speed internet, but they allow me to work even though I have dial up.

Thank you Robyn Yes, same thing with me too, and I didn't even get a confirmation to my registration so I dont even know if they received my registration details :( Also, do you need to know Dutch or can you function with English? They will send me the confirmation email and than I will be able to see more what this is about. It only took about 2 weeks from the tim I signed up till I started my first day at work.

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