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Which left assistant coach Danny Ford with the task of coaching the Tigers in their second consecutive trip to the Gator Bowl. In fact, my brother asked me the other day for a copy of the song.

As a bit of a gag, I wrote a little song about the whole affair, sung to the tune of printed the song. I have one, pasted into a scrapbook somewhere that got buried, long ago, in the garage.

The 1975 season in which the Tigers went 2-9 stands out in my mind: The two wins were by a combined total of five points.

The next year, Clemson was only slightly better — 3-6-2 — but finished with a big 28-9 upset of South Carolina at Death Valley.

With pipelines filled to capacity, they’re increasingly turning to railroads.

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And when that much crude oil is in railroad cars, accidents are bound to happen eventually.We were just delighted Clemson didn’t suck any more.Pell’s second Tiger team finished 10-1 and earned Clemson its first Atlantic Coast Conference title since 1967. 6, Clemson was invited back to Jacksonville, this time to face Woody Hayes‘ Ohio State Buckeyes. Pell said he’d stay on to coach the Tigers in the Gator Bowl, but the team was so upset at the way Pell handled himself that they essentially voted him of the island. …held a team meeting, with quarterback Steve Fuller presiding.In that aerial, you can see what’s left of the two trains, plus the spilled oil.The downpage picture is credited to William Hejl — I presume that was someone nearby with a cell phone camera. …the designer was Alicia Strnad, but quite a few others helping out.

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