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With pipelines filled to capacity, they’re increasingly turning to railroads.

The downside of that: Somehow, the energy industry has to find a way to move all that crude oil from the field to refineries.

The result, a big, big fire that could be seen for miles.

Here’s the front of today’s ‘s photo editor, Michael Vosburg.

We were just delighted Clemson didn’t suck any more.

Here’s the inside page, featuring four more pictures by Michael Vosburg of flames and heavy smoke. His wife, Aprill Brandon, is a freelance writer and blogger. Linda, Melynda, Ryan and Emilio share a birthday with actors Val Edward Kilmer, Beatrice “Bebe” Neuwirth, Timothy Lewis Matthieson (better known as Tim Matheson), Krishna Pandit Bhanji (better known as Ben Kingsley) and Philip Anthony Hopkins; musicians Park Jae-sang (better known as Psy), Burton Cummings, Andrew James “Andy” Summers (of the Police), Joseph Mulrey “Joey” Mc Intyre (of New Kids on the Block), Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. Tuesday, a westbound train derailed a half-mile west of Casselton, N. Unfortunately, that derailed train then collided with an eastbound train carrying crude oil. And when that much crude oil is in railroad cars, accidents are bound to happen eventually.Dinesh Bhima Panchal is a features designer for the of Pune, India. Emiliano Ponzi is a free-lance illustrator working out of Milan, Italy. In addition, today is I can tell you what I was doing: I was watching the Gator Bowl from a seat perched fairly high in the corner of an end zone in Jacksonville, Fla. Neither of those posts are readily available now, so it’s time I freshen up the story and post it again…A 2000 graduate of the Instituto Europeo di Design, Emiliano’s work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, books and advertising. Not only was the game very, very exciting — one of the best football games I’ve ever seen in person — it’s notable for a number of reasons. — — — As a kid growing up in upstate South Carolina, I heard all about the football glory years of our beloved Clemson Tigers. I suffered through season after dismal season in the late ’60s and 1970s.

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