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The singing is fine, and the covers are all decent, especially the awesome take on the surf instrumental "Moon Dawg." Though the album is not incredibly accomplished by today's standards, it is lightweight fun and very interesting.Glenn MITCHELL [email protected] How can you give this album a six 1/2 this album is a marster in a cloack surely songs like cuntry fair which is one of the best beach boys songs in my opinon and sufin its great start to finish and mikes singing is perfect plesae listern again and you will see this albums twice as good as pet sounds and a pluss point brian dosent sing as much as mike who has a much better voice than Brian my verdict 9/10 Simon Edwards [email protected] I first brought it and did not really care what music was as long as it was sort of fast and exciting, I actually liked this.Apparently a wise Capitol Records executive didn't think so, and decided to rename this new 'concept band', "The Beach Boys". e's lead vocals sound like an 8 year old kid, but his bass vocals are top knotch!Smart move :) The album is short, and very rough around the edges, "let's throw these keen lads into the studio for a couple of days and see what they come up with." - Well, the results, as can be expected... Not to say they're bad, as javahead said, the thrill of hearing Denny's opening snare drum on this album, ushering in a new 'wave' of popular music must have been exhilerating... Infact, it's drummer Dennis who has the best lead vocal on the album with "Little Girl, You're My Miss America".A little carnival keyboard solo, surf guitar, repeat to fade.It does make me smile though, which obviously is a good thing.

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Mike Love didn't surf much either although he did however develop into a dynamic front man at the national and local concerts the boys would perform.The record is filled out with the lyrically simplistic 'Heads You Win, Tails I Lose', the faintly ludicrous 'Cuckoo Clock' and a couple of covers.They'd yet to fully assert themselves in the studio, this was a quickly recorded album as was the norm of the times. Readers Comments Gary Michael [email protected] album is a product of its time, and it has some corny moments, but it is saved by its youthful energy and fine playing by the young band.'Surfin Safari' was their first long playing album and nearly all of the songs were written or co-composed by Brian Wilson, Mike Love contributed the majority of the lyrics.'Surfin Safari' opens the record and is pretty well developed for a song that was only their second single and recorded in 1962.

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