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At least, after everything that had happened, Ziggy was still capable of getting sad. Everyone else around me acted as if it was all a normal thing — the dying we saw all too often, the abrupt transfers that take people away from friends and their community with little warning or care.

Later, in a book club, I would read by Emmanuel Jal, about child soldiers in Sudan.

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Moll was 17 when he was taken into custody on suspicion of joyriding. It was exactly the kind of dumb thing teenagers do; but under Texas law, 17-year-olds are automatically prosecuted as adults.Even though it was kept clean, it smelled awful, like urine and feces.There was a psych-ward block, which housed mentally-ill inmates, as well as ​those who couldn’t handle the prison environment and had broken down.He told me he’d gotten into a conflict with a prison guard and was beaten by several of them.At first he couldn’t move his hands at all, but with physical therapy, he could use them some. Since his arms weren’t strong, he’d creep up on me real slow in his wheelchair, and when he was right behind me, he’d scream, “Ha, caught ya! Sometimes when I was carrying him to the shower or changing him, he’d say, “I know you like what you’re looking at, but you know I don’t go like that!

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