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For example, there is no way to "update" your application with an older version.This means that there is no way to accidentally roll out a version older than the ones that are installed by your clients.All the code is in place but you are not finished yet. Button; import Namespace; import XML; var app Updater: Application Updater = new Application Updater(); var window: Native Window; var window Content:my Window = new my Window(); var existent Listeners: Dictionary = new Dictionary(); //initialize the updater; gets called when the application is loaded function initialize Updater():void //listener for INITIALIZED event of the application Updater; function on Update(event: Update Event):void //Handler function for error events triggered by the Application Updater.initialize function on Error(event: Error Event):void //handler function for Status Update Event.

When the updater is initialized it calls the listener you have registered for the initialize event, and inside this listener you start the process of checking for a new version.

The users will have to uninstall the current version, download the new one, and install it. The Adobe AIR update framework provides developers with APIs to create AIR applications that can be updated very easily.

It comes in two flavors: one has a default user interface, and the other requires you to create your own UI and hook it up to the events that this framework provides.

Suddenly you have a problem: how do you push this update to clients who already have installed your application?

If the application doesn't include support for the update process, then your problem is now a big one.

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