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Picture this: your application is a tremendous success and many people have installed it.

Fortunately, the update framework enhances the security of your application.Furthermore, the version written in the updater descriptor file must be identical to the version set in the new AIR file (the packaged AIR application).If they are not, an error will be raised and the update will not be performed.All the code is in place but you are not finished yet. Button; import Namespace; import XML; var app Updater: Application Updater = new Application Updater(); var window: Native Window; var window Content:my Window = new my Window(); var existent Listeners: Dictionary = new Dictionary(); //initialize the updater; gets called when the application is loaded function initialize Updater():void //listener for INITIALIZED event of the application Updater; function on Update(event: Update Event):void //Handler function for error events triggered by the Application Updater.initialize function on Error(event: Error Event):void //handler function for Status Update Event.It is very important not to forget this: in order for the update to work you need to carefully set the same version number in two files—the updater descriptor file and the application descriptor (in my case, air_updater_flex-app.xml). Inside this function, you configure the updater object: set up the URL for the update descriptor file, set up the UI to be displayed, and register two listeners for If you develop AIR applications using Flash (that is, not using the Flex framework), you can still use the Adobe AIR update framework. UPDATE_STATUS //this is called after the update descriptor was downloaded and interpreted successfuly function on Status Update(event: Status Update Event):void //error listener for an error when the updater could not download or //interpret the update descriptor file.

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